Give Nature a Chance for Skincare

It’s a bit unnerving to read scientific research stating the average woman who wears makeup and uses skin care products every day absorbs a minimum of 130 chemicals into her body every 24 hours. The FDA declares these chemicals are safe, but no one knows with any certainty if they remain safe when used in small doses every day. There is, so far, no research on the possible cumulative effects over 10, 20, 30 years or even longer. There’s no need for those who decide to side-step the potential risks to present a scrubbed, bare face to the world. There is a lovely alternative in natural, organic skincare products.

The first consideration in switching to a is to cultivate a habit of reading labels completely and carefully. Understand the word organic means the ingredient was produced without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, making the product kind to the environment and to people. Botanicals go a bit beyond organic by using what is called biodynamic farming methods. Numerous beauty products’ ingredients also include the word fragrance or parfum. Return it to the shelf and search for a fragrance-free replacement because there is a yard-long list of toxic chemicals in fragrances that federal regulations do not require to be listed.



Many skin care product lines include a day cream and a night cream. Read the labels on both before making a purchasing decision. Far too often the only differences between the two are in the packaging or in the order in which the ingredients are listed. Don’t be fooled into spending unnecessary money. Requirements for a good, basic skin care routine are actually very simple and include cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunscreen. Make sure the sunscreen is labeled as broad-spectrum. Also look for information on whether or not the product was tested on animals. In addition to the cruelty issue, animal testing does not provide any important benefits for human usage.

Visit natural skin care sites such as to learn about the ways some lines, such as Velvet Skin Care, incorporate extracts from flowers, vegetables, nuts and even nut shells into skin care. Adequate hydration is a critical need for skin. The only things that will flourish without it are wrinkles! A key ingredient in hydration products is squalane, which is produced naturally by plants and animals. Look for it in the label list. One of its many benefits is that it increases the penetrating abilities of other products in the line. Anyone wishing to do more in-depth research should visit the USDA National Organic Program site, founded in 2003.


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